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Entry #4

I Need Some Help.....

2009-03-15 21:11:28 by DSGamer09

Ok so far I've made big progress since the last post, some new areas I think as well as all the characters written, but I'm not ready to release more screen shots just yet. Anyways, BIG problems I have run into. Of course I've used RPG Maker XP to make the game, so if you are good with that, I need some major help. I can make the maps and characters, theres just this small list of problems that is making it impossible to finish the game.

1. I downloaded a side view battle script because of a youtube video that gave a link. I think it's C++ but yah pretty much a battle script. It has a ginormous error. The guy keeps running in place. Is there anyone who can fix that?

2. How do you make events in this program happen only once?

3. How do you make events trigger other events?

4. How do you make save points?

5. How do you edit the title screen?

That's all I can think of for now, I'll add more later probably. If you can help me, I'll add your name(s) in the credits. Comment here on the post or PM me if you can help.


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